What to plant in a home garden

What to plant in a home garden

Unpretentious flowers for dacha is a great many. It is enough to choose just a few varieties with different flowering periods, so that the plot was always beautiful. Always – this is not an exaggeration. Some plants please with their appearance in early spring, others – in late autumn. And tall dried flowers look beautiful in the snow as well. In this article we have collected all possible options.  

Perennial unpretentious flowers for the countryside

Let’s start with undemanding, but beautiful bulbs, which do not need to care for constantly. 


Delicate in appearance, but persistent floricum blooms at a time when all other garden beauties are already fading. Some of its species do not bloom until November. Of the conditions – sun or penumbra, water-permeable light and dry soil for all varieties, except for the autumn floricum. It needs moist soil. Colchicum is planted in flowerbeds, hanging containers, alpinaries, and lawns. It is poisonous, so it is better to work with gloves. 


This name is known to anyone who is into plants. Non-tall crocuses are the first to appear in urban flowerbeds and do not disappear until May. Some species are autumnal. They grow well in the sun and in the penumbra. There are almost no soil requirements – the main thing is that it does not stagnate water. 


Mouse hyacinth – another unpretentious flower for the dacha. Blossoms in April and delights with its appearance and fragrance until June (depending on the variety). Muscari can be planted in a warm sunny place or in a little shade in late summer and early fall. 

Lily of the valley

We are used to seeing these beautiful perennials in the forest, but you can also create a snow-white meadow on your plot. Lily of the valley blooms in May. Then the poisonous, red berries appear. A penumbra is best for the primrose flower. In a sunny place bellflowers will also bloom, but good watering is required. Fertile soil is needed. 


If you need shade-loving unpretentious perennial flowers for the countryside, which will quickly grow – plant the periwinkle. This is a low-growing plant that blooms in April and May. 


Likes sparse light and moisture. Some varieties reach 120 cm in height. It looks beautiful and successfully takes root in the shade of trees, near bodies of water, in flower beds. Low-growing species are grown in containers. 


Grows in any light from May to August. However, it will need moist soil in the sun. Aquilegia are planted in rockeries, in regular flowerbeds, on the shore. 


Grows well in shaded areas. Can be used in border compositions, rockeries, alpinaries, along shrubs. Depending on the variety, blooms from May to September. 


Grow well in the sun and in the penumbra all summer. There are no special requirements to the soil. They can get along splendidly in flowerbeds with other plants. Combine with peonies, ornamental foliage and wilting. 


Wild rosemary will bloom from July to September. The ideal place for it – lowland, the bank of a body of water, shaded in the afternoon. Well tolerates even heavy loam. The only requirement is to moisten the soil. 


Garden chamomile (daisy)

A long flowering plant. Decorates the cottage from June until frosts, if you plant it in a sunny, dry area. Nivyanka needs periodic, moderate watering, loosening and spraying against ants. 

Asparagus (meadowsweet)

The meadowsweet has beautiful cream or pink panicle flowers and a strong honey odor. It likes damp places with any kind of light. The meadowsweet will do well in heavy clay soil. 


Another incredibly fragrant, beautiful flower. They bloom around mid-summer and can last through early fall. 

Annuals and biennials

Here’s a look at plants that bloom in the first year after planting in the bed and remain ornamental for one or two seasons.


Velvets come in orange, yellow, white, red, and bicolor. They grow well in the shade as well as in the sun. 


A climbing plant that blooms from early summer until the first frost. Nasturtiums like sunlit, windless locations and light soil that does not retain water. 


One of the most unpretentious annuals. Will grow in both shade and sun, on any soil. The soil should be loosened once in a while. To have more inflorescences – plant cosmos closely together and in a bright place. 


Honeydew, blooms in early summer and fades by fall. Bright, dry areas are suitable for it. 


Perhaps one of the most unpretentious flowers for the dacha. Marigolds – as calendula is called in the people – are good as in a flowerbed, and just scattered in islands throughout the territory. They begin to bloom in June-July and end in September-October.


Depending on the variety, it can be a annual, biennial or perennial plant. It blooms from mid-spring to frost and sprouts very quickly. The only growing requirements are water permeable, nutritious soil, sun or penumbra. 


Blossoms in late summer and fades after the first cold. Perennial species can bloom all season. Both will require plenty of light and well-drained soil. 


A beautiful flower that resembles a daisy, only with a bright yellow color and red-brown middle. Can be planted in the sun and in the penumbra. 


Annual ampelous flowers that grow throughout the summer season. Petunias like well lit areas. 


Sun or penumbra, light soil is all you need to grow phacelia. Flowering begins in June and ends in September. 

Now you know what unpretentious flowers to plant in the dacha. But ornamental plants are not the only option for the design of the site. Maybe you want to combine the beautiful with the useful? Then break a small medicinal bed with mint, melissa, catnip, monarda, apothecary chamomile. These herbs bloom dimly, but a delightful aroma and tasty additions to your tea for the winter will be assured. Just first find out if you have any contraindications to taking these herbs.