What to wear for a backyard wedding

What to wear for a backyard wedding

A backyard wedding can be a beautiful and intimate affair. But what do you wear to such an event? Here are some ideas for the perfect backyard wedding, from jumpsuits to split skirts and tops, from laconic to intricate dresses. This selection includes models in lace and linen, with embroidery and drapery to create a variety of looks.


For an backyard wedding reception that you want to make sophisticated, a gown with detailed embroidery and translucent elements from Rime Ardanky is perfect. A simple silhouette tastefully decorated with a little lace is just right for a relaxed summer party.


Don’t be surprised to see dresses from mass-market rather than bridal salons in this article: these models are perfect for brides throwing a chamber, relaxed party for close friends and family members in the backyard of the country house. The silhouette with a loose skirt will adorn almost any figure. It’s also a great second cocktail dress if you want to greet guests at the welcome party yourself or dance the night away after the formal ceremony!


Brides planning an outdoor wedding party rarely chase brands, and find great options on Etsy. A lightweight crepe suit is a great choice for a garden wedding or the manicured lawn of a country house. We love the simple design and classic silhouette of this model, creating an air of casual chic. Wear with heeled shoes, ballet shoes, sandals or even no shoes!

What to wear for a backyard wedding


The split top and skirt wedding look came into fashion a few years ago and has only been gaining popularity ever since. We love the models created by Catherine Dean – they are very versatile. Combine tops and bottoms that you like to create a unique look for your wedding. You can choose a cropped top, blouse, skirt, shirt or pair of pants combined with heeled shoes or pumps. Add accessories and a veil, and the perfect wedding look for a classic style outdoor celebration is ready.


Wanting to celebrate your wedding in the backyard of your country house doesn’t mean you have to stay within any bounds when choosing a dress. Clo by Grace Loves Lace is a great choice if you want to wear a lightweight lace dress, but are drawn to the sophistication and sensuality of tight silhouettes. It’s a bold and vibrant model that’s perfect for the bride who dreams of making a splash at her wedding.

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The Kyara model from Rue de Seine Bridal in silk and lace can be transformed as the bride desires. Add sleeves, a deeper V-neck in the back, change the straps or add fabric to make the dress longer – anything is possible! The intricate bodice and lace make this dress truly impressive.


Grace Loves Lace is another great choice for a summer garden wedding. This is another two-piece look, but the gap between the top and skirt is larger, highlighting the bride’s waist – as well as her tan! The Behati opens up the back, adding to the bride’s appeal, and it works well for those looking for a light and fly wedding look.


Some brides dream that the concept of their wedding embodies a fairy tale taking place in a wooded wilderness or lush garden. The Marie by Claire Pettibone is the perfect dress for a wedding in this style. The flowing lace sleeves and intricate bodice of this model will make you feel like a princess from a fairy tale.


You’ve probably seen this dress more than once on Instagram, so it should definitely be on this list. The Noah model by Grace Loves Lace embodies the chicness of a summer outdoor wedding. The dress combines everything we love: an eye-catching silhouette, delicate lace, interesting details on the sleeves, a deep neckline at the back and a flowing skirt.


The Avril model from Rue de Seine Bridal will suit brides who dream of a celebration surrounded by nature, where every detail is inspired by botanical motifs. This Cornelli lace gown, according to the designer, is made for “bold and daring brides.”