How to decorate backyard for wedding

How to decorate backyard for wedding

The choice of options for artistic solutions, how to decorate the yard for the wedding, begins with determining the functional purpose of this space.

The bride price can only take place in it, but in the warm season it is better to use such an area for placing a wedding table, a dance floor, areas for competitions and a break in between.

Fresh air together with the thoughtful decoration of the yard will give the opportunity to maintain an uncluttered atmosphere of the celebration throughout the event.

Space for fun will be useful to guests, hosts, photographer.

Decorating the courtyard for the wedding – important preparatory stages

Preparations for the wedding reception begin in advance with a critical inspection of the yard. It is better to entrust this to an interested person with a fresh perspective – for example, a bridesmaid.

The decoration of every detail is discussed:

  • the fence;
  • outbuildings, gazebos, marquees;
  • plants, flowerbeds, lawns;
  • paths, areas closed to guests;
  • lighting, sanitary and hygienic provision.

You should not hope that any shortcomings go unnoticed – every doubtful element should be eliminated or covered with a suitable decorative covering. Drapery is fastened thoroughly, so that the wind or accidental contact will not cause damage.


The greenery that defines the appearance of the yard should be aligned with the design concept well in advance.

Trees, shrubs are crowned, lawn grass is cut for free movement of guests.

A distinctive feature of the wedding is a large number of flowers, so it is necessary to plan flowerbeds at the time of planting. Additional living compositions are arranged in vases, draped boxes, tiered stands, hung in cachepots.

You can also make an improvised flowerbed from different flowers, fragments of metal, stone, sculptures, ceramics.

You can inventively and quickly make an impression with graffiti or simply by painting in different cheerful colors the fence, path tiles, benches posts and interior fences.

In your own backyard is usually celebrated until the night, so it is important to competently position light sources to enhance the daytime effect of the holiday.

Floodlights will not be the best solution – the necessary atmosphere is created by numerous small lamps in garlands, the density of which decreases as the distance from the wedding table.

How to choose a place for a banquet, photo area, a dance floor?

Wedding space is divided into different in purpose, style, mood theme areas: for the festive table, dancing, relaxing and talking, photographing in memory.

The place for the banquet should be chosen so that the guests at the table was spacious enough, comfortable and visible to all the details of the event.

The newlyweds, though in the center of the event, should also be able to see everyone invited.

Another nuance is that the serving and changing of food from the kitchen should not be the main movement around the courtyard.

The dance floor is usually adjacent to the banquet area, and sitting at the table can enjoy the view of the dancing couples and the main protagonists of the celebration. A special approach – to diversify the lighting of this place, the direction of the sound equipment away from the tables and a safe surface for dancing.

Creative imagination is needed to create creative unique decorations in the photo area, so guests can leave a memory of really original pictures.

Any theme or paraphernalia applies here, regardless of the basic style of the wedding.


How to decorate the courtyard at the wedding with their own hands – the choice of decor

The main status part of the composition of the wedding themes of the courtyard concentrate above the level of the table of the newlyweds, as it is this area will be displayed in a large part of the photos and recorded on the video. The rest of the decorations complement it and diverge in different directions, as the rays of the sun.

The classic style of decoration traditionally includes:

  • inscriptions (names of the bride and groom, wishes, slogans);
  • hearts, rings, crowns, figures of swans, doves, deer;
  • balloons, shiny details (beads, rhinestones, glass pendants);
  • natural and artificial flowers;
  • bows, ribbons, garlands, pompoms.

Toastmasters use a projector in conjunction with the program to show videos and photos from the lives of the newlyweds.


Airy fabrics can be used to create a unique and intriguing atmosphere for the event. Professionally chosen lighting can instantly change the tone of the atmosphere. A large pergola can turn into a fairy tale castle.


Bouquets, wreaths, garlands, individual buds are appropriate almost everywhere. Freshly cut plants are distributed not earlier than 2 hours before the start of the holiday.

Flowers in pots can be displayed, moved to another location and removed based on the plan of the planners.


Spans between vertical supports, marking passageways, doors, arches, towering parts of buildings are draped with garlands of paper, foil, balloons. Inscriptions, photographs, silhouettes, symbols can be inserted into the resulting pattern. If the style of the wedding does not provide a riot of colors, then use 2-3 gentle colors, one of which is white.


Long strips of fabric of different widths can be used as fixing details of other decor elements, and as an independent decoration.

Satin fabrics look great as hinged compositions on the wicket, fence, wall of the building.

Elegant thin ribbons, waving under the slight movement of the wind, charmingly fill the space and hide the background. Other decorations can be hung on them.

Vases, bottles

Glass bottles and vases in the expanse of the yard are often used in the design of flowerbeds and borders.

Applying artistic painting skills, they can be used to make original stands for flowers and arrange (hang) throughout the area. From plastic containers folk craftsmen create real masterpieces.

An example can serve as lamp shades, distributed throughout the yard area.

Creative approach transforms common items (car tires, a wooden barrel, an old stump, a birdcage, pallets) into works of art, becoming an integral part of the holiday. Serving objects, champagne bottles are given a unique look with paint, polymer clay, rhinestones, artificial flowers, fabrics. The author’s idea should be simple and clear.