How to start your own garden at home

How to start your own garden at home

How to create your own garden – some valuable tips! Many of us dream of having our own backyard garden, but not everyone knows how to do it. Remember, it doesn’t take a talent to be a gardener and create your own cozy oasis around the house. Gardening is primarily a hobby, a pleasant pastime, but at the same time sometimes it is also hard work. Such activities, require not only physical labor, but also imagination and creativity. 

To combine the pleasant with the useful, and to rest, satisfying his artistic visions, it is worth to be guided by some, very valuable rules. If you apply them, growing a garden or a plot will become a real pleasure for you, and every day you will be happy to look at the growing and developing plants and flowers!

Choosing the right plants and grounds

How to create your own garden It is clear that if we dream of a garden, we probably have an idea of what kind of plants will be there. Care must be taken to ensure that they are not random. It’s worth thinking carefully about what we want to have in our garden, what we can afford – in terms of price and time (some plants require too much time to care for).

If you do not plan to spend too much time growing, it is worth investing in shrubs and perennials to enjoy the results of the work we will do once for a long time.

The plants should also be chosen according to the climatic conditions of your region – we must take care that they can live and grow freely. Of course, we must also adjust our choices to the soil we have. If our soil is quite fertile, it is also worth allocating a few beds for vegetables and aromatic herbs!

Choosing a location and a plan

Choose a suitable piece of land where the soil will be fairly moist, not necessarily on the sunny side. Sun can do a lot of damage to your plants, although some just won’t sprout without it. But, when it comes to creating a garden, sun is not a must. The sun should not shine on the piece of land you choose to garden for more than eight hours a day.

Of course, you should not intentionally create a place that is one hundred percent in the shade, as lack of access to light, will result in plants not being able to conduct photosynthesis processes. Light is what they need! If you already have a space chosen, it is worth transferring your thoughts about space allocation to a piece of paper.

Take a pencil and draw a plan of everything you want and plan to plant in your amateur garden. It’s worth putting a solid effort into this task, because it will be easier for us to put our plans into practice later.


We’re getting to work!

How to create your own garden – now we have a lot of physical work ahead of us. We will start preparing our garden by leveling the topography and creating a fence. Then from the surface of the soil we need to remove all unnecessary objects: old grass, limbs, protruding roots or dry tree trunks – orient on the ground.

Then it is necessary to dig everything qualitatively – if you plan to allocate a large area for the garden, it is possible to perform this work with the help of special equipment. At the end it is necessary to level the ground with a rake – finished!

The ground is ready to accept fertilizers, and then you can proceed to planting seedlings and seeds. Remember that after planting the plants, the soil should be abundantly watered, but so as not to wash out the seeds.

After all the work has been done, you can of course celebrate the victory and admire the result of your own efforts, but it is worth remembering to support young plants and provide them with proper care.

In order to subsequently enjoy the beauty of your own garden, you will need to put a lot of effort, so set yourself up for a long and fruitful work.

We have told you how to create your own garden, good luck with gardening!