How to make a garden or forest for a party at home

How to make a garden or forest for a party at home

A summer party at the cottage is a great idea: you don’t have to stand at the stove for hours for a gourmet dinner and spend time cleaning the house and other preparations. Make your life easier by having an outdoor party. In addition to appetizers for the summer party, you’ll need only uncomplicated outdoor decorations – they will not cost a lot of money, and some of them can even make yourself. Here are a few ideas on how to throw a garden party at the cottage.

1. Make a hastily made table out of ordinary goats.

Don’t have enough furniture in your garden to throw a garden party for a big group? Take a couple of ordinary wood sawing goats (you can borrow one from a neighbor) and cover them with some planks or one wide plank (an old door, a big mirror) and the party table is ready! The makeshift tabletop can be left as is, painted, covered with a tablecloth or parchment paper.

2. Turn a wooden crate into a freezer

Any old crate lined with plastic wrap turns into an outdoor rustic ice container. Sure, it’s not a real fridge, but it’ll work for beer and lemonade.


3.Don’t have a crate? Use any container.

A garden cart, wheelbarrow, enamel bucket, or even the back of a kid’s truck – any of these items can become an impromptu ice container for a summer party. Just put plastic wrap or a regular bag inside ─ done!

4. Give your garden bar a beach look

If you have a summer garden party coming up, the easiest way is to make a thatched roof or canopy. Attach them to the roof of a gazebo or barn for a summer party.

5. Make forest style candle holders

Roll a wide green leaf into a tube and place it in a glass jar. Then pour in water and place a floating candle. Another option for a party is to wrap the jar or candle holder with a piece of birch bark and secure with a rough rope.

6. Or in a beach one!

If you pour some sand into a jar with a screw-on lid, you get an unusual summer candle. One of the advantages of such a candle is that it’s easy to turn it into a lantern. Simply attach a flexible wire to the neck and hang the jar on a tree. If you’re afraid of catching a fire at a party, use candle-shaped or battery-operated LED flashlights.

7. Arrange flowers in lemonade bottles

Tall, narrow bottles can be a fun way to decorate the table at a party. You won’t be required to make any effort at all. Simply line up the bottles and place a flower in each one. Daisies, gerberas, and sunflowers are optimal for a party.

8. Take your time to be 100% prepared.

To make your summer party a success, involve your guests in the party setup. Ask them to help you squeeze lemons for homemade lemonade, turn the handle of an old-fashioned ice cream maker themselves, or give them a pruner and send them to the garden to chop a bouquet for table decorations.

9. Seat all the invitees at one large table

This kind of table for a holiday party is a great idea. If you don’t have a large table, push two or even three together – the effect will exceed your expectations.

10. Use old drawers instead of trays.

Vintage wooden soda crates are the perfect container for a summertime party. They can hold glasses, vases, napkins, candle holders, and anything else you need for a party. Another option is to put such a box on the table. Let one compartment in a glass jar hold cutlery, another – napkins, the third – toothpicks or straws for drinks.

11. Create a special atmosphere with lanterns and signs

A good idea for a party is to mark out the party area by placing a couple of lanterns with candles at the entrance. Nearby, place a chalkboard with a menu or simply, “Welcome!” written on it.

12. Offer guests drinks that are only served in the summer

Fill a large pitcher with ice-cold water and add lemon or orange slices, mint leaves, berries or even cucumber slices. A healthy, refreshing drink is ready! You have no idea how many people will choose a sip of water over a soda.

13. Put the table in the shade.

There’s nothing worse than trying to appreciate a delicious meal while sitting in the blazing sun. So if you’re throwing a party in the morning or afternoon, set the table in the shade of a tree or under a tent. As a last resort, you’ll have to splurge on buying a couple of umbrellas.

14. Don’t give mosquitoes a chance.

If you have a pond in your garden, do not forget to clean it regularly, otherwise mosquitoes will breed there. There are places where there are lots of mosquitoes and midges, in which case it is better to organize the party during the day. Another option is to move the dinner on the veranda behind a mosquito net: that way you will still be in the fresh air, and your guests will not be bitten by insects.

15. For a crowded party, divide the garden or yard into several areas

How to throw a party at the cottage, because it is not easy to entertain a large crowd of guests? To make your country house party fun, let them entertain themselves. To do this, create a few points of attraction: a dining table, a campfire, a couple of chairs on the porch, and an outdoor bar. Guests will divide themselves into several small groups, and it will be much easier to cope with the party.

16. Pack for summer festivities ahead of time

If you have a closet that holds jars, flower buckets, coasters of all kinds, tablecloths, candles, and containers, you’ll make your life a lot easier and not have to frantically search for the right thing an hour before guests arrive. Most of these items do not even need to buy, just collect jam jars, wash tins with a beautiful pattern – there you have vases and candlesticks for the party. And think twice before throwing out your old sheet. If it doesn’t have holes in it, it could make a great outdoor tablecloth!

17. Create bouquets from what grows in the garden

Cutting flowers and branches from your own garden costs nothing and is a million times more fun than buying them. Take a fresh look at your garden and pick something unexpected for a bouquet. Dandelions in a glass jar look adorable, blooming onions look romantic, and an artichoke in a bouquet on the table will not only be a decoration but also a conversation piece – your summer party will be remembered for a long time.

18. Hang the bouquets on a tree

Use an awl or drill to make two holes in the tins. Thread the wire through the holes so the cans can be hung from a tree branch. Now all that’s left is to put little bunches of flowers in them. You can either decorate the jars with colored fabric or leave them as they are.

19. Think of a program for the evening.

Move around! This is a great way to set up and extend the party and give a fresh reason to talk. Appetizers and drinks can be served on the veranda, dinner can be served in the garden, and dessert can be served near the fire. After dessert, you can take mugs of leftover tea and take a walk to a nearby body of water or other beautiful spot.