What is a garden style home?

What is a garden style home?

A country house creates a huge scope for the manifestation of imagination and the realization of any ideas in life. In the initial stages of design, it is recommended to think through the details of the ideas. Then the interior of the country house will look complete and complete. It is required to take into account several nuances in order to get an attractive and functional object.

Country house interior benefits from the simplicity of finishing and the use of decor, which can be easily made by yourself.

How to choose a style?

For a competent choice, you should rely on your own preferences and take into account the peculiarities of the room. The most common options:


A distinctive feature are neat and strict forms. The lines are respected in the clarity. Finishing materials are natural, expensive. Widespread introduction of columns, sculpture and stucco decoration.


Helps to achieve a calm and relaxing atmosphere. For the interior of the country house of a small size is ideal. Japanese style plants, stones, moss prevail. On the dacha plot, you can organize a small pond and complement it with a bridge. Every detail should be filled with deep meaning.


Characterized by unpretentiousness. Suitable for small plots. Many different plants native to Mediterranean countries are introduced.


The prevailing order and notes of austerity. The observance of symmetry, correct from a geometric point of view, is obligatory. All must look neat and harmonious.


The main direction is harmony with nature. You can freely arrange the elements of design. Allowed the exclusion of strict symmetry and straight lines.


Embody the traditional rustic motifs in tandem with modern functionality. Details reminiscent of the village atmosphere, more wood and natural materials should be used.

Clocks on the wood paneling of the fireplace in a private home

Provence or country are suitable for decorating both a summer cottage and a capital dwelling with all the amenities.

Interior of a large living room of a country house in the chalet style.

Interior in the chalet style is well suited for the arrangement of a spacious wooden house

In addition to the above, the design of the country house can be done in a modern style, including modern or high-tech, characterized by practicality, functionality and fresh motifs in the interior.

Interesting idea for decorating the attic in the spirit of modern styles


Natural interior styles in the cottage: furniture items

After determining with the style, it is necessary to decide on suitable furniture items. In some cases, products made of natural wood are required, in other situations, designs with a glass base are suitable.

The main advantage of wood is that it is an environmentally friendly material that never goes out of fashion

At the cottage, it is appropriate to use wood furniture and walls with a minimal finish

In addition to the material, you should choose a suitable color scheme. It should not merge with the overall decoration. Additionally, items can have various irregularities, scuffs and roughness.

Palette of shades for dacha or stylish and tasteful

Some people prefer to leave the timber inside without finishing. This emphasizes the rustic motif. But to introduce colors when decorating will have to. The most suitable are shades of cognac, gold, pink or olive. Gentle tones, without harsh contrasts, will be suitable. Especially applies to the design of the dacha area.

Walls made of timber or logs can not be finished at all, it is enough to impregnate them with a flame retardant composition

Important. The palette is influenced by the specific interior. Classic allows more gold and luxury, Provence suggests gentle shades, and modern directions consist of metallic, bright tones.

A loft floor in the cottage, or more, more space!

The attic becomes an additional useful area. You can implement various ideas when decorating this area of the house. Among the suitable options is the introduction of large panoramic windows or the construction of a part of the roof made of glass. The overall look should be calm and neutral. To add color, it is recommended to introduce a few bright details. Attic will be a great area for family recreation. Therefore its interior should be aimed at relaxation and tranquility.

Arrangement of the attic floor depends on the size of the house, the number of occupants and the functions that the rooms will perform

The bedroom in the attic can be clad with clapboard

Interior decoration inside the dacha house: options

The interior of the dacha house inside depends on the personal preferences of the owner and the peculiarities of the visit. It is important to arrange everything so that the space looked advantageous. The advantages should be emphasized, masking the disadvantages. You can do without complicated tricks and refuse to finish the surface, keeping the wood in its original form.

For lovers of space in the room, the best option would be to finish the walls and ceiling in light colors

Brick wall without plaster, simply painted with water-emulsion paint – this is not only a fashionable element of the loft, but also many thousands of rubles of savings

If the construction is erected from panels, then choose a modern decor with paint or plaster for the walls and ceiling. Brick construction should be carefully prepared for cladding. To embody the desired option qualitatively, it is necessarily necessary to properly prepare the surface. Then the finishing materials will lay correctly and reliably.

Recommendations for decorating a summerhouse

Choosing a suitable design, it is worth remembering the need to embody a cozy atmosphere and high functionality in each room. Spending time in such a dwelling will be a pleasure. It is necessary to understand the many nuances of design and follow the recommendations. Then it will be possible to implement comfort and coziness in the house and in the area near it.

Furnish the interior should be based on whether the dacha will be used in the winter period.

Comfortable will be a warm home interior, created with logs, wooden beams, a fireplace and decorative elements made of wood

If you leave the wood without facing, after some time it will begin to darken, which will negatively affect the appearance of the space. It is therefore recommended to cover the surface with a special wood glaze. Enamel should be rejected, it stains the wood texture. Varnish will not affect the naturalness of the surface.

At the capital it is recommended to replace the old clapboard with planken. It is more durable, modern and suitable for exterior decoration, in addition to interior.

Tip. Take into account the location of the house. If it is in the shade and there is a lack of natural light, inside and outside is to organize a maximum of artificial lights. If it is located on the sunny side, it is allowed to introduce dark colors and details.

Light finishing of the walls and ceiling will make the room visually more spacious

Space planning in a small country house

If the area inside the cottage is small, you should focus on functionality and practicality. To do this, you need to intelligently plan every inch of space.

The kitchen can be small, but the minimum of communications in it should be

For a small kitchen, it is recommended to choose custom-made furniture. This will allow you to take into account as much as possible all the features of the room and buy a suitable option. For the dining area, buy a folding table, which is easy to remove after meals, freeing up space.

The bedroom can be combined with the living room if there is not enough extra room. Sometimes it is arranged on the attic or veranda. The latter option is only suitable for the summer. To save space, use beds with several tiers or loft models with additional storage space. If several zones of different purposes are placed in one room, it is worth separating them with special light screens.

Old things in the interior

Some styles involve the use of old things. These can be natural details or special, artificially aged elements. Country reflects rustic motifs and allows the introduction of rough, old things. Shabby chic is the full embodiment of the use of such details. It reflects the design of the old noble estates. The furniture is expensive and elegant.

Old things, grandmother’s furniture or vintage fixtures will make the cottage more attractive

Interior in the style of boho – carefree and full of bright colors

You can attach old elements in the boho style. It can combine furniture from different eras and trends.

Furniture for the cottage

Furniture items should fully fit into the overall design. The modern market offers a wide range of electrons for all interiors. It is possible to make the necessary furniture yourself. This will add uniqueness and individuality to the site. Textile elements of items should have the same color or pattern. If there are leftover logs after construction, you should make chairs or benches out of them, decorating them with different patterns.

Furniture items should be chosen simple, but comfortable.

You can make the interior unique with the help of homemade furniture.

Decor of the summer house. We create comfort

In addition to various details that create a cozy atmosphere, the key element is the fireplace. He is able to fill any room with comfort and warmth. There are different types of designs, including electric, standard models. Opposite should be placed an armchair or sofa. Between these parts it is worth placing a rug. Various accessories can be placed on the fireplace. On the wall next to it, place pictures and photographs.

The kitchen or living room can be decorated with fresh flowers, tablecloths or handmade items.

The main thing in the decoration of a country house, to be simple and comfortable.

How to make a bright interior design of a dacha house

To add bright details you should use:

  • skin, placing it near the fireplace;
  • Curtains with a bright touch or a juicy shade;
  • wicker furniture items;
  • upholstered furniture with a brightly woven part.

The atmosphere of the cottage should relax and set up for a good rest

Finishing the fireplace with natural stone looks beautiful and attractive

The design of the cottage at the cottage should be cozy and comfortable. Created a warm atmosphere will allow you to relax and spend pleasant evenings in the company of loved ones. Therefore, it is worth painstakingly think through every detail.